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This Is the Blog of the Farr family, Sam and Wendy Farr and their Daughters Nichola and Helen plus their husbands Andy Higby and David Mattock. They all live in the Bath Area. Sam works as a freelance photographer after taking voluntary redundancy from The Bath Chronicle after 20 years, Andy is a freelance Manager for various Charities and David a Computer programmer. David and Helen have our two Granddaughters, Tabitha and Lottie they can be seen at

Friday, December 31, 2004

A last message of peace and love for 2004

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Software Review

Why not Try Firefox for safer free browsing
As a Firefox enthusiast, I enjoy some of the free extensions, the bandwidth test is useful and recently I tried STUMBLE UPON at
StumbleUpon it is an intelligent browsing tool for sharing and discovering Great Websites.
As you click Stumble!, you'll get high-quality pages matched to your personal preferences. These pages have been explicitly recommended (rated I like it) by friends and other SU members with similar interests. Rating these sites shares them with your friends and peers – you will automatically 'stumble upon' each other’s favourites sites.
It really is a great tool second only to Google, and available for most browsers.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Yesterday my friend Lloyd Ellington was 40, he had a party at Mr Wolfs in Bristol.
His friends bought him an i-pod, but as you can see he liked the balloons I bought him better.
You can spot Lloyd, as he's the one with less hair than the balloons.

A complete record of Tabitha since birth is available at

Tabitha May Mattock

Tabitha May Mattock

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Some Old Pictures of Bath
Copyright Sam Farr

Southgate Street

The Sawclose

Stall Street

Green Park Station

Wendy in our old shop in Abbey Churchyard

Northgate Street October 69

Monday, December 27, 2004

The newspaper called early wanting frosty morning pictures, so I dragged Andy out to scrape my car but,

The Editor Prefered this ladybird on a frosty buddleia
Pictures Copyright The Bath Chronicle


Well December’s been a strange month, we have all had colds and flu with Wendy spending nearly a week in bed just before Christmas.

I have had a varied month, photographing a double murder in Melksham, Nicholas Lyndhurst and George! No not George Indoe I went school with, No not George Thatcher our farrier.

But George Davis, the man who launched the eponymous George clothing brand at Asda in the early 1990s and who built up clothing chain Next, and later defected to M&S to launch the Per Una brand.

I spotted a white chocolate fountain at the Virgin Mobile Christmas Party, not good for my diet but better for me than the Vodka fountain.

Out company Christmas party was fancy dress so I went as a Jester (typecasting)

The company gave me the newsroom award for the third time this year, yet another bottle of Champagne, more details at


The Virgin Mobile white chocolate fountain, yes a real chocoholics dream of running white chocolate. . Picture Copyright The Bath Chronicle

The Real George at Marks and Spencer
Copyright The Bath Chronicle

Nicholas Lyndhurst
Copyright The Bath Chronicle

Jester Farr at the party in his costume
from Funtastic in the Guildhall Market